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When do you need coaching?

Coaching is a type of training or consulting, where a coach helps the client to reach a certain goal in life or professional goals. 

The range of situations when coaching might be used is very wide. Here are some of them:

  • You are not enjoying the thing you are doing and feel like you have reached your top
  • You are bored, you got stuck in a routine
  • You live as if you were sleeping
  • You are not enjoying life
  • You do not know how to move forward and have lost (or have not yet found) your direction in life.
  • You have a goal but you do not know how to reach it and to force yourself to take action.
  • You have a feeling that your life is worthless
  • Every step is a challenge for you
  • You are low on energy
  • You are not proud with your achievements
  • You are blaming yourself for inaction
  • You have no time for yourself
  • You suffer from addictions and health problems
  • You cannot get your relationships straight with your co-workers and your close ones
  • You are not satisfied with your financial situation

Coaching becomes more and more popular around the world since it is a very effective instrument  personal development. In the below video both Bill Gates and Erick Scmidt (Google CEO) admit that «everyone needs a coach since we all need people who give us feedback».

How does it work?

The absolute majority of people live without setting clear goals in life, without knowing their own values and priorities as well as analyzing limiting beliefs. 

A lot of times problems that stem from lack of motivation and not having a clear goal may cause serious physiological issues.  You literally aren’t able to force yourself to get out of bed in the morning.  You may be stress eating and drinking.  Your body goes out of sync and you are afraid to even think about the future.  You are afraid to even consider the possibility that this might continue for the rest of your life.

However any one of us has a huge hidden potential, the power that helps to achieve goals and overcome obstacles. In most cases people are not even aware what they are capable of.

You must awaken this energy and power and use it efficiently.

Coaching is a great tool for finding your hidden resources, for setting and achieving goals.  Today’s problem is being exposed to too much information.  People have too much knowledge and information but it is not enough to get results.  Reaching goals requires action. But what is also vital is to have a system and support.

During individual sessions, the coach provides motivation and feedback on your life, business, relationships, career and goals you set, as well as on ways of achieving them.

Successful result of the client is the successful result of the coach.

What result will you get?  

Working with a coach allows you to set ambitious goals and focus on them. You will learn to control your mind, listen to yourself and your body, and better understand them, get a powerful impulse for reaching your dream and getting the results you deserve.

Coaching will bring certainty to your life, raise your level of awareness, self discipline and motivation. You will wake up in the morning feeling grateful, happy and full of energy and desire to do what you really like and move in the direction you have chosen.

You will find it easier to get rid of your bad habits, solve health and financial problems and improve your relationships with colleagues and close ones.

Remember that you already have all the answers to your questions. To start living on a different level, you need to listen to yourself first and foremost. A coach will be your partner and helping hand.

Working with me

If you are ready to work hard and with a consistent effort, then my coaching would fit you. My area of specialization is life coaching, career coaching, executive coaching for top managers, lawyers and business owners.  

To achieve results you need to be fully committed and willing to make positive changes.

The format of coaching: weekly individual 60 minutes sessions via phone or Skype. At the end of each session you will determine the plan for the following week, including specific steps, and get your tasks.

Self-transformation is a long process, which usually takes at least 3-6 months.

In 6 months of painstaking work it is possible to solve a wide range of problems, to change your life completely and literally become a different person. In 3 months you can solve several specific issues. 

Each session is dedicated to a concrete question. Therefore, it is possible to start with single sessions and to determine the advisability and frequency of further training sessions.

I am not working with 

  • those who expect to get a quick remedy, a ‘magic pill’ and who is not willing to work hard
  • those who want to get precise instructions how they should live their life. Coaching is not about instructions and education. Every person has his own unique way and a coach helps his client to better understand himself.
  • those who are cynical and skeptical about everything around them, always expect tricks and do not believe in success
  • those who are not willing to build respectful partnership with a coach

Free session

To understand if my coaching fits your specific situation or whether I can help you, I offer a free 30-minute session.

During this session you will determine

  • Where you are at at the moment
  • What your goals are
  • Your strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement
  • What you can get from coaching

Leave a request for a free session.

Reviews on working me

Ekaterina from Moscow

«If you are searching for yourself and ways for self-improvement or if you just need advice from a knowledgeable person, I would strongly advise you to talk to Yury».

Andrey from Moscow

«I personally strongly recommend to read and listen to Yury, or better yet to talk to him yourself.  And I am pretty sure that, just like me, you will make important conclusions, outline a plan for the future and finally start making positive changes in your life».

Dmitry from St. Petersburg

 «Visualizations were very useful during the session as well as concrete and simple steps for solving my problems. The conversation with the coach and thinking about my goals help to better understand in which direction to go.

I liked specifically how attentive coach was and how willing he was to understand my tasks. Yury is easy to deal with and during the session it was comfortable for me to discuss important matters.

I also received a short summary of our conversation where I could see the bullet points and they helped me to remember the whole conversation, though it lasted for more than an hour.  As a result the questions that were difficult for me to deal with became easier and more understandable. I think it was a great job!»

Zurab from St. Petersburg

«During the session I structured my goals for the next two years. I was able to get away from the routine and concentrate on important things. The suggested exercises helped me to move towards my goal. I would specifically like to mention positive approach during the session».

Anna from St. Petersburg

«Yury helped me to understand the route I need to take in order to reach my goal and also how to use the instruments that help me to find the answers inside to my questions. I got an understanding that when choosing my sphere of growth and development I need to «switch off» the logic and base only on emotions and feelings».

Igor from Moscow

«During our work I defined the directions and ideas how to develop. Yury is an excellent coach, he gives inspiration for progress and self-development. He leads the session with confidence and you can feel his personal experience».

Nikolay from St. Petersburg

«During the session I was able to leave my comfort zone and come up with a plan for something that I have been thinking about for a long time. I would specifically like to note the coach’s skill on asking questions in the right order, comfortable communication and rhythm of the session which was very precise».

Still have doubts or questions?

— Does coaching fit everyone?

—  There are no limitations when it comes to coaching. One possible contraindication may be having a serious psychological disorder.

— What if coaching doesn’t help me and no changes occur in my life ?

— If after three training sessions you do not notice any positive changes and decide that coaching is not for you, I will refund 100% of your money.

— I have better options to use my money rather paying for coaching

— The best investment you can make is in your education and your health. As a result of coaching your efficiency will rise, which would certainly affect your financial situation.  So view it as an investment in yourself. Experience tells us it is a good investment.

—  I do not have time

— If you don’t have one hour a week for yourself, then it is even more important that you reconsider your priorities and plans for the future.

— What if your program will not fit me?

— Even though there are a lot of coaching methods, the program is custom-tailored for each client, because there are no two people with the exact same situation.  That is what makes one-on-one coaching so valuable.

— Why do you think that you can help me?

— I myself have gone through a long and deep personal transformation. So I know firsthand what it feels like to be stuck in routine and live a pointless life without a goal.  If you want to know my story — read my blog and my book (in Russian). I am an Erickson Certified Professional Coach (ECPC) and ICF (International Coach Federation) Master Certified Coach (MCC ICF) and work in accordance with Code of Ethics. That said, I do not take every case.  After the first free session I will understand if I can help you or not, and I will honestly tell you about it.

Leave a request for a free session.