My goal

I help businesses and people become successful, find their true selves and develop their hidden potential. It doesn’t matter if you are a hired worker, a freelancer or if you run your own business.  If you feel like you have reached your top, I can help you find hidden resources, set new goals, figure out a way of achieving them and help you get the desired result.

My area of specialization is life coaching, career coaching, executive coaching for top managers, lawyers and business owners.  

I know for sure that you and your business are capable of more and I know how to get you to work at the new level and at the top of your abilities.

I’ve changed my life and help others to do the same. 

My consulting career

I am a lawyer by education.  In 2001 I graduated from Law Department of the St. Petersburg State University.  For over 16 years I have worked for the biggest international consulting companies.  I went all the way from working as a paralegal at Ernst & Young and senior associate at DLA Piper, to making Partner at Deloitte and then Legal Director for Eastern Europe, Russia and CIS at Accenture. 

I accompanied big investment and M&A projects. I helped my clients to find solutions to difficult problems.  I have worked with such companies as: Toyota, Suzuki, Hyundai, Cadbury, Foxconn, Rocco Forte Hotels, JTI, Maersk, Bombardier, International Paper, Rockwool, Pfleiderer, Philip Morris, Telenor, Andritz, Wenaas Group, Visteon, Tata Steel, Lotte as well as with dozens of other world-famous brands.

I have ensured the success of numerous projects, teams and individuals, led training courses for clients and colleagues. I have raised multiple generations of talented experts. I have been their mentor. I have given them confidence in their abilities and helped them set ambitious goals and reach new levels of self-development.

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How I got into coaching

The years of working with people and observing their behavior within large companies have led me to realize that most of them have not unleashed their full potential. I have been around hundreds of smart and well-educated people who live their lives using only half or even a quarter of their potential. They can’t find themselves and do not believe in their abilities and talents, struggle financially and find shelter and comfort in offices shifting responsibility for their lives and decisions onto the shoulders of others.

After going through transformation myself and bringing awareness and positive change into all areas of my life, I realized that my interests lie in personal development and individual work with people. It is my calling to help people find themselves and achieve their goals, inspire them and bring a new direction to their life.

My profession has taught me to be a good psychologist and use coaching techniques to go deeply into the problem. Most of the time you need to listen to people and hear them, analyze their requests, understand their motivation, ask them questions and give them solutions that aren’t textbook but are specifically tailored to the unique situation of each particular client. 

I am a professional ICF certified coach (PCC ICF)  with over 2,500 hours of coaching practice, I graduated from Erickson Coaching International, and IAGC – International Association for Generative Change.

I also did Robert Kiyosaki’s one year coaching program and have studied coaching and training methods of Anthony Robbins, Prof. Oleg Zhdanov, Brain Tracy, Eckhart Tolle, Joe Dispenza, Marshall GoldsmithMarilyn Atkinson, Robert Dilts, Stephen Gilligan, Edouard Brault and others. 

I am a member of ICF (International Coach Federation) and work according to its Code of Ethics.

Author of online courses and programs «Freedom and Money»«Power Boost», «Clients and Sales», «Personal Strategy Creation and Stress Management», «Meditation for Beginners»

Author of the books:

Among my clients are: KPMG, Chanel, Gazprom Neft, Nokian Tyres, Wargaming, Bryan Cave Leighton Paisner, RosExpert, Capital Legal Services, BGP Litigation, Advecs Real Estate, Sever Minerals, Kosenkov&Suvorov, Avant, Acsour, Legal Executive Summit, International Youth Legal Forum etc.

My family and hobbiesThis knowledge, as well as my personal business and professional experience combined with a good understanding of people are the recipe for my clients’ success.  You can read more about coaching here.

I live in St. Petersburg, Russia and on Cyprus with my wife Taia, my son Martin, my daughter Emma and cat Pliusha.

I enjoy downhill skiing, kayaking and yoga. I travel a lot. I visit Moscow often as well as a lot of other cities and countries. In total I have been to 37 countries in North and South America, Africa, Europe and Asia.


I am passionate about music.  My tastes are quite diverse, I enjoy Mozart and Shostakovich as much as I do Metallica or Zemfira.  But only quality stuff.  Back in the day I built a collection of 700 CDs of various artists (who could have imagined iTunes back then?!). 

I regularly go to rock concerts and festivals in different cities and countries.  I have been to many concerts of U2, Depeche Mode, The Cure, Simple Minds, Roger Waters, Coldplay, Kings of Leon, Keane, Interpol, Radiohead, White Lies, Massive Attack, UNKLE, A-ha, Kosheen, Garbage, Metallica, Prodigy, Rammstein, Mylene Farmer, Moby, Muse, Snow Patrol, Stereophonics, and many Russian bands (ДДТ, Дельфин, Мумий Тролль, НОМ), etc.


I enjoy reading, including books on self-development and business. Here is a list of books that I recommend. 

I write a blog called Of Freedom and the Purpose of Life. 

I am also involved in charity and help those who really need it.